Season: 1 / Episode: 6

In this episode our guest Julio Maria Muhorro, a young entrepreneur from Mozambique and founder of “Sharing Knowledge International” dives together with Neha into the topic “integrity”.

Following this energizing conversation, you can learn more about different aspects of integrity on not only societal and organisational levels, but also on a very personal level. After this thought-provoking discussion, we asked ourselves: What does integrity mean to me and how can I leverage it?

Julio’ concept of individual power is drawn from a number of philosophical and psychological traditions, with a general summary here:

  • Firestone, R. W. (12 April 2009) Personal power: There is a clear distinction between personal and negative power. Psychology Today

On the topic of organizational integrity/values and actual behaviour

  • Held, A. (29 September 2021). The problem with corporate “values”: When values are at odds with a company’s bottom line, all too often they won’t win out. Vox
  • Jensen, Clayton, S. (5 December 2019). 6 signs your corporate culture is a liability. Harvard Business Review
  • Sull, D, Turconi, S., & Sull., C. (21 July 2020). When it comes to culture, does your company walk the talk? Company practices often conflict with corporate values. Closing the gap starts with communication. MIT Sloan Management Review

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