Season: 1 / Episode: 2

Timm Urschinger from LiveSciences and Teal Network and talk about control and how it manifests in our lives and leadership. We start by following Timm in his life’s journey and along the way, discuss the manner in which our inner world (our needs, motivations, and fear) and outer world (other people, institutions, organizations, and systems) reinforce our need for control. Timm’s experiences of working in a traditional corporate setting as well as leading an organization that prides itself in being “radical self-organized” provide a unique view into how leadership must evolve in sync with the world around us.

Following this energizing conversation, you can learn more about different aspects of integrity on not only societal and organisational levels, but also on a very personal level. After this thought-provoking discussion, we asked ourselves: What does integrity mean to me and how can I leverage it?

We hope you enjoy this episode and these further reading suggestions to join the discourse on integrity.

Julio’ concept of individual power is drawn from a number of philosophical and psychological traditions, with a general summary here:

  • Firestone, R. W. (12 April 2009) Personal power: There is a clear distinction between personal and negative power. Psychology Today

On the topic of organizational integrity/values and actual behaviour

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