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Latest Episode

In this episode, Neha talks with Patrick Andrews, a lawyer, facilitator, and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in advising businesses and not-for-profits on their corporate structures and governance. Patrick goes by the description of “barefoot” lawyer, which to him means someone who makes law accessible, meets people where they are, and is connected to the earth.


And why everyone should be a designer

Alessio Milano

My first real job was to teach adults how to use a computer and stuff like Word and Excel. It was the end of the 90s and I was 19 years old when I started.

Those courses were becoming more and more popular, and around 2001 there was an official “European Computer Driving License”: a formal certification that attested your skills in using Windows, Office and the Internet. The faith in technology was running supreme

Leading in Complexity

Niklas Frewel

Our world underwent a monumental shift towards a till date unprecedented volatility. Basic assumptions we used to hold about ourselves and the world are called into question at a till date unknown rate.

Beyond that, the scale of these changes seems unprecedented. Recent incidents impact not only single communities but whole countries, not only single companies but entire industries, and not only us as individual people but our families.

Psychological safety is crucial in a world that is becoming increasingly volatile, uncertain, and stressful. It allows people to focus on…

Our world underwent a monumental shift towards to date unprecedented volatility. Basic assumptions we used to hold about ourselves…

This keynote, reflecting on the ways of working over the last two years, tries to answer one of the most widespread questions concerning…



The “Building the Post-Pandemic Workplace” panel discussion created a concrete discussion around concepts of re-designing the workplace.