Panel Discussion: Building the Post Pandemic Workplace​

A Conversation about the Work Place Design

The “Building the Post-Pandemic Workplace” panel discussion created a concrete discussion around concepts of re-designing the workplace. Based on the latest research and first-hand learnings, the goal was to face today’s challenges and shape the #future through experience sharing, mutual listening and open dialogue.We have invited 6 experienced panellists with different backgrounds and perspectives. From high-profile leaders from various industries, to a researcher in clinical psychology and compassion-focused therapy, to a current graduate student as a representative of Gen Z, they all shared the human-centric approach with which they have shaped their professional paths.


The PanelLists

Dr. Fabrizio Guidi

Country Lead Germany/GM General Medicines GSA at Sanofi​

Maria Knill​

Head of HR Strategy & Transformation at EnBW AG​

Dr. Marcela Matos

Clinical Psychologist & Researcher in Neuropsychology and Cognitive and Behavioral Intervention,​ University of Coimbra​

Dirk-Jan Paans​

General Manager of Roche Diagnostics Poland and Head of Management Center Eastern Europe​

Nupur Parikh

Phd Student in Clinical Psychology at Widener University​

nina-schwab-Hautzinger ​jpg
Dr. Nina Schwab-Hautzinger

Senior Vice President Corporate Communications & Government Relations at BASF​

Video Recordings of the Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: Building the Post Pandemic Workplace Part 1

How did the pandemic change your organisation?
Leaders in this panel share what happened in their company when the pandemic hit and how they tackled the challenges arising, but also which chances opened up to re-think the existing structures.

Panel Discussion: Building the Post Pandemic Workplace Part 2

In this part of the discusssion the panelists focus on the psycholigical impact of face to vace vs. a virtual set up of the workplace. A lively debate evolves as there are multiple aspects to this question.

Panel Discussion: Building the Post Pandemic Workplace Part 3

Physical and mental health is a central and important aspect in designing the future workplace. In this part of the discussion studies and research offer a valuable base to look at human needs from a holistic perspective.

Panel Discussion: Building the Post Pandemic Workplace Part 4

In this final part of the discussion a representative of Gen Z shares her view on the developments and paradigm shifts in the work place. A valuable input and exchange on what is really needed for young people entering the workforce now, but also for future generations.

Panel Discussion: Building the Post Pandemic Workplace

This is the full recording of the entire discussion, including the introduction of all panelists.