meditation featured imagine with flower and gradient sunset


In this series of meditation-videos, our colleague Maurice Jonquet van Brunschot guides you on a path where you can focus on yourself and your energies.

Stillness & Clarity

Transformation begins from within. In a business world full of distractions and almost never ending stimuli, we want to help you to step out of this race. This meditation will help you to find stillness & clarity in your mind. which will be beneficial for you and for the people around you. Our colleague Maurice Jonquet van Brunschot is highly experienced in meditation techniques and will guide you in this meditation.

Love & Kindness

Create a space for love and kindness for yourself, your loved ones, but also for every human being. This meditation guided by Maurice Jonquet van Brunschot will help you to engage even with challenging business partners from a position of honest kindness and a human centered perspective.

Intention Setting

Let’s start the day by setting the intention deliberately. This mediation is dedicated to help you to use your day in the most meaningful way possible. Maurice Jonquet van Brunschot, highly experienced in meditation practice, will guide you in this.